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Bouncy Egg Science Experiment for Kids

Bouncy Egg Science Experiment for Kids

Can you make an egg bounce? Try this simple chemistry experiment and watch an eggshell dissolve! Materials needed:– Egg (raw);– Jug;– Vinegar;– Dye (optional) to test a different coloured egg. Step by step:– Put the eggs in the jar – be careful not to break them;– Add the vinegar so that it submerges the egg;– …

Cornflour slime – Liquid or solid?

Cornflour Slime

Good weather is coming, so we can take the opportunity to do our experiments outdoors. As well as being more fun, we can further explore each experiment without worrying about what we make dirty at home. Today, we are going to make some crazy slime. This experiment, as well as being great fun and sensory, …