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Cornflour slime – Liquid or solid?

Cornflour Slime

Good weather is coming, so we can take the opportunity to do our experiments outdoors. As well as being more fun, we can further explore each experiment without worrying about what we make dirty at home. Today, we are going to make some crazy slime. This experiment, as well as being great fun and sensory, …

How to make original chocolate eggs for Easter!

Let's make Easter Chocolate Eggs

Holy Week is around the corner and nothing like entertaining the kids with a very sweet and original activity: cup-shaped chocolate eggs. Besides looking great on the Easter table, they are also edible. For this experiment we’ll need:– Tracing paper– Tray– Water balloons– Scissors– Chocolate for melting– Coloured sprinkles and almonds (to decorate) – optional  Procedure: …