How to make original chocolate eggs for Easter!

Let's make Easter Chocolate Eggs

Holy Week is around the corner and nothing like entertaining the kids with a very sweet and original activity: cup-shaped chocolate eggs. Besides looking great on the Easter table, they are also edible.

For this experiment we’ll need:
– Tracing paper
– Tray
– Water balloons
– Scissors
– Chocolate for melting
– Coloured sprinkles and almonds (to decorate) – optional 


1 – Fill the water balloons with air, the size you want to make your chocolate cup. Prepare the tray lined with the baking paper.

2 – Melt the chocolate tablet in a bain-marie or in the microwave. Then dip the bottom of the balloons into the melted chocolate. Be careful with the temperature of the chocolate – it should not be too hot, so as not to burst the balloons;

3 – Place the chocolate coated balloons on the tray. You can put some chocolate on the tray and then place the balloons on top, serving as a base.

4 – Let the chocolate cool down and place the tray with the balloons in the fridge for +/- 15 minutes;

5- After the chocolate is solidified, just pop the balloons.

6 – Now it’s time to decorate or fill the chocolate cups. We used Easter almonds.

Note: If you want to use the coloured chocolates chips, just sprinkle one of the balloons with them. The chocolate still has to be half-melted for the sprinkles to stick to the chocolate;

This is one of the experiments you can recreate with Science4you’s Chocolate Factory toy. Besides these chocolate cups you can also learn how to make chocolate mousse with water, chocolate salami, cake pops and many other delicious things.

Who will recreate this experience at Easter? Besides being an excellent activity to do with the family, it also allows you to learn a little more about chocolate and the different physical states of matter.

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